Keir Neuringer, Alt-sax              Willi Kellers, dr                Simone Weißenfels, p

Keir Neuringer, altsax. (USA) and Simone Weißenfels, p (Ger) already met in 2012 in Leipzig where Neuringer was touring w/ Rafal Mazur (Poland). More concerts they performed together in Philadelphia and in New York in 2014/15 as well as in Germany with Willi Kellers in November 2015.

The very first Cooperation with Willi Kellers and Simone Weißenfels toke place 1991 at International Jazzfestival 'Leipziger Jazztage' at the opera-house in Leipzig.

Improvised music and  instant composing

They create wide soundscapes, abstraction, flowing chains of melodies and metrically unattached soundcolour-bunches. 

That's how Simone-Weißenfels-Trio enters into suspenseful adventures of improvisation. 

The reliable background allows them to create theirs own world between piano, Saxophon and the powerful drums without showing only flat virtuosity.

Powerful and softly, seeking and forward-pressing