all about

Simone Weißenfels

.She                                      is one of Leipzig, Germany's most versatile artists in contemporary                                                    music and improvisation up to ambient and noise. Preferential she                                                    is improvising with grand-piano, keyboards and laptop. 

.performed with:              Gisela May, Juini Booth, Marco Eneidi, Elliott Levin, Lol Coxhill, John                                                    Sinclair, Ian Smith, Adam Smith 

.jazzfestivals in:               Nickelsdorf, Berlin, Columbus, Leipzig, Bochum, Nanjing 

.concerts and tours to:    USA, UK, Taiwan, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China,                                                     Ukraine and throughout Germany

.Broadcasting:                   company productions with DLF and WDR, interviews and recordings

                                               in Germany, Taiwan, China and Bosnia-Herzegovina


After her ensemble multiboxx performed the International Festival in Nanjing 2004 in 2006 though 2008, she lead one of the first practical youth exchange projects of young Chinese and German musicians in Nanjing and Shanghai.  This international ensemble performed the

                                                                                                                                                                              premiere of her composition "lullaby for K." in Nanjing for 10.000 people and in Leipzig within the scope of the International 'Bach-Fest' in 2008.               


Simone Weißenfels is teaching piano at the world-famous Thomanerchor in Leipzig.